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The Free Dictionary defines female domination as: A self-explanatory term for the domination of a partnership by the woman, which ranges from decision making (in a socionormative partnership) to domination (in the context of BDSM sexual role play).

I love that definition because it manages to capture the essence of female domination without reducing it to something exclusively sexual, and without limiting it to something between a man and a woman.

Female domination is not just an act or a scene, it is an entire philosophy, with as many different applications or expressions as you can imagine. It can be physical, visual, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. It can be expressed through words, thoughts, actions, or feelings. It can be something bold and extravagant, or something subtle and intimate.

There may be whips and chains and handcuffs involved, collars and leashes, or piercings and tattoos. On the other hand, there may be nary a restraint or marking to be found, with no outwardly visible sign of submission at all. Silence may be commanded, with eyes downcast and head always lowered, and the submissive kept three steps behind. Then again, a female dominant may enjoy lively conversation, appreciate an adoring gaze, and wish to admire the body she controls.

From abject slavery, to pet play, to professional bondage, to female matriarchy, the application of female domination is something as fluid as the expression of its participants. A female dominant can be cisgender, transgender, futanari, or something else entirely – a cruel bitch in steel-toed boots, or a playful bimbo in six-inch heels – just as her submissive can fall anywhere on that gender spectrum. She may be feminine or she may be female, but it is not necessary that she be both.

Regardless of how you define the participants, female domination is about the power exchange between a female dominant and her submissive. It can be about torture and abuse, with punishment and humiliation key elements of expression, or it can be about devotion and respect, with pleasure and servitude the driving forces. Sometimes that power is given freely, and sometimes it is fought for bitterly.

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