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Wordwooze Publishing produces ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks in a variety of genres. When we accept a manuscript to be developed into a marketable publication, authors are assured that they will have simpatico professionals guiding their creation every step of the way. Producing high quality books while helping talented writers achieve their goals is our primary objective.

Currently we are actively seeking submissions of novellas and novels, as well as nonfiction books. Please read and follow our submission guidelines before sending us your manuscript. We look forward to reading your work.

Published Authors, Listen Up!

Have you ever “heard” your characters speaking while you were writing their dialogue? Of course you have! Well, how would you like to actually hear them speak in an audiobook? Wordwooze Publishing is seeking submissions from published authors who would like to complement their ebooks or print books with an audiobook edition.

  1. Most audiobook customers don’t, or rarely, read print or ebooks, so you’re reaching an untapped market for your book.
  2. The limited number of audiobooks available in all categories encourages listeners to try new authors and genres.
  3. It’s really cool hearing your story brought to life by a talented voice artist.


Visualize Being a Published Author With Us!

Your Ebook

Readers with a computer, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone can download your ebook and start enjoying your masterpiece immediately. Yay!

Your Audiobook

Anyone with an audio-equipped device can download your audiobook and start listening to it right away. Way cool!

Check out these audiobook samples and imagine what yours will sound like.

A sample chapter of your audiobook will be included on our podcast Audiobook Test Drive.

Riders of the Tumbling K excerpt

House of Cards excerpt

My Take Away Vampire excerpt

Your Paperback

Submit your manuscript to Wordwooze Publishing and leave the driving to us. We'll whip it into shape and get your book into the hands of book lovers ASAP. Life is good!