Who We Are

Wordwooze Publishing is the love child of The Supreme Woozer and The Grammar Goddess, a pair of introverted bibliophiles. After writing and editing part-time for many years, we decided to get serious about it and unleash our passion for books upon the world full-time. Our goal is to cultivate the best writers available and create a portfolio of outstanding ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks in a wide variety of genres. We routinely publish all three formats for every title if at all possible. Increasingly, we also publish audiobooks for authors whose books are currently published in ebook and/or print formats.


What We're Looking For

Wordwooze Publishing is always in search of imaginative, well-written novellas, novels, and anthologies as well as nonfiction books with broad appeal. We are flexible regarding the genres and content of books we will publish but much more discerning about a writer's ability to tap into the imaginations of readers and listeners. It is our belief that authors should have an affinity for, or at least a thorough understanding of, the subjects they're writing about. Otherwise, it is less likely that their writing will truly resonate with the audience they are targeting.

Foremost, we are readers who recognize and appreciate good writing when we see it. Unless your book has grabbed our attention within two chapters, most likely we won't be motivated to publish it. The takeaway here: please send us your very best stuff. Visit submissions to find out how.